Loodsmedewerker Pre APL

Sector: Admin - Clerical
Plaats: Den Bosch



Job description

UPS sends millions of packages worldwide daily. We are looking for package sorters that want to work in the morning.

What does your working day look like?

At 06:15h in the morning you start together with your colleagues from the morning team. After a bucket of coffee or tea, you will roll up your sleeves and get started. Today's goal; All packages that have arrived in large trucks will be distributed by zip code and the delivery vans are properly loaded. While sorting the packages, you should be attentive to the package in which area should be delivered to the correct package car. In addition, it is important that you take out packages with an extra service (early delivery or dangerous goods) and handle them as you have been taught.

Around 08:00 hours the parcel delivery staff, together with them, will briefly walk through the loaded. Exceptions in terms of packages, the package delivery person will actually deliver the packets that day.

When all the delivery buses have left the pilot, you join your colleagues in the service today. All details are discussed and together you will reach the hangar in just a few minutes. All packages are taken by the package delivery staff, the goal of today is met again! With a satisfied feeling you can go home or school again, it remains special to be a part of such an important link in a global logistic process.

What is important
You are available at least four mornings a week between 06:15 am and 09:00 am.
You can work well with your colleagues, together we are responsible for a good result.
You are paid in the C-scale of the collective labour agreement, this means that you get 11.18 per hour paid. In addition, you build holiday money and days.
You will be working in a fun and enthusiastic team. Success is regularly celebrated together.

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