Abroad Experience International - Marketing Associate - Amsterdam area

Sector: Marketing / Reclame / PR
Plaats: Rotterdam


The Job:

Be part of marketing communications team and contributing to the marketing goals on a generic level and more specifically contributing to the marcom goals. Guarding efficiency, effectiveness and ROI are of major importance to achieve the marcom goals. Organizing, monitoring and managing all relevant marcom processes (e.g. content creation, printing, briefings etc.) are required to be a 'best in class' marcom department.

Main Tasks:

* Manage the complete traffic and print process (including quotations) of all communications material requests (e.g. flyers, mailers) for the design team. This involves strong and intensive communications with designers and all relevant parties involved (e.g. product management, local marketing, print suppliers, translation agencies and sales) as well as organizational skills. Also maintain a complete overview of all work that is being processed by the design team and our printers; from an output perspective (e.g. open items lists, sales tools overview) as well as from an administrative perspective (e.g. briefings, invoices).
* Collect content and coordinate the creation of the digital Diagnostic Update (ideally to be send out once every two months). Increase email database for sending out the newsletter. Also track and monitor the performance of the e-news letter (advise and optimize usage).
* Manage the online sales platform on IPad (e.g. Secure Content Locker - SCL). The SCL is an important part of the online platform for all European sales. With the SCL sales can easily access all relevant content for supporting their sales call. In general all content (ranging from pdf's, short movies to apps and online training) needs to be maintained. This means analyzing usage, adding content, removing content and up-dating content. In order to succeed close contact with the training department is required.
* Manage and create a dashboard for all our European websites: site measurements / performance (page views, time on site, unique visitors, engaged visitors etc.).
* Manage all required translations with an outside agency (Chef du Monde). This involves quotations, ordering and evaluation. In addition collecting reviews within European organization.


* Bachelors Degree in Business, Marketing or Science; or an equivalent combination of related education and experience
* Typically 2 - 4+ years experience in Marketing, Operations or R&D; or external experience in a related industry.
* Strong written and oral communication skills
* Strong organizational skills
* Familiar with new media

* Language skills: fluent in English and one other West European language (preferably good knowledge of German and Dutch)
* Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects; ability to lead projects if applicable
* Ability to interact with multiple levels of management and various functional departments
* Ability to understand basic financial concepts such as ROI and budget management
* Ability to anticipate and resolve issues
* Strong attention to detail
* Demonstrated initiative and drive with ability to work independently, collaboratively, and as part of a team
* Proficiency in MS office applications-with advanced knowledge of spreadsheet and database software preferred
* Experience with new media (e.g. apps, social media)
* Typically works on tasks and projects with increasing complexity and multiple variables

Languages:English, Dutch, German Required Languages: 2

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