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PBS provides highly educated technical staff for permanent or temporary positions in the private and public sectors. Our clients include both large corporations as well as medium-sized businesses. In addition, we work for national and regional governments and for large and small consultancy firms. We lead an extensive network of agencies situated throughout the European Continent.
PBS is engaged in various activities related to the flexible labour market and is specialized in working with staff members of construction related companies. These are professionals whose expertise and skills are placed at the disposal of different organizations through staffing, project engineering or interim management projects. At PBS we have a separate department for companies that wish to outsource the recruitment and selection of graduate engineers and specialists. Whereas in its early years PBS focused mainly on the construction sector, its areas of activity have grown rapidly over the past few years. Nowadays, personnel are also recruited from other disciplines like civil, environmental, sustainability and infrastructural engineering. Moreover, PBS has now been operating for some years at the international level with projects all over the world.


For our client in Saudi Arabia we are looking for a Diesel Mechanic. The duties of a Diesel Mechanic include:
Performs skilled mechanical maintenance and repair work on marine vessels.
Performs skilled mechanical work on marine vessels.
Repairs and overhauls diesel engines, which involves the disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of valves, pistons, rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, timing gears and chains, valve mechanisms, injectors, and pumps.
Repairs and adjusts reduction gears, clutches, and couplings.
Synchronize and adjusts diesel engines timing and fuel injection system.
Repairs starters, and throttle control systems.?
Tests, adjusts, and repairs fuel injection pumps.
Repairs and rebuilds gasoline engines, air cooled and outboard motors.
Maintains records of all work performed.
Performs related duties as required.
Diagnose, troubleshoot and repair failures in engine and transmission controls.
Use a wide variety of equipment manuals and manufacturer bulletins in addition to instrumentation and software guidelines and instructions. Employees also act as the liaison between the shop/region and the equipment manufacturer in order to resolve unusual and?? undocumented problems.
Repairs and overhaul two-cycle and four-cycle engines, diesel propulsion engines, fuel systems, lubricating systems, and related diesel engine components.
Disassembles repairs, rebuilds and reassembles marine transmissions, reduction gears, manual and hydraulic clutches; aligns shafts, struts and shaft logs.
Conducts test runs after completing major repairs and modifications and makes adjustments to the repaired equipment during and after the test runs.
Maintains records of all maintenance and repair work.

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